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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses powerful magnets, radio waves and a computer to construct pictures of the body depicting details that can’t be seen using other imaging techniques. It is one of the safest imaging techniques available because it uses magnetic signals to see through the body instead of exposing the patient to radiation. In addition to safety, MRIs offer a number of other significant patient benefits including:

  • Early detection of many conditions
  • Excellent information from detailed images
  • No known harmful side effects
  • Non-invasive procedure

Every MRI scanner has what is called “field strength” that is measured in Tesla (also noted simply as “T”). Field strength is the power of the scanner’s magnet. With higher field strengths, your scan pictures are clearer and show smaller details of your body. A range of MR field strengths is available, including 3T and 1.5T, as well as 0.7T Open scanners, 0.6T Open Upright and 0.2-0.35T Open scanners. At Dunedin Hospital we have a 3T (also known as 3 Tesla) machine which is the highest field strength, strongest most technologically advanced MRI machine approved for human use by the Food and Drug Administration. With this technologically advanced machine a typical lumbar MRI takes only 7 minutes of scan time and the pictures are clearer than with any other machine in the market.

These technologies include open MRI, conventional MRI, and high-field open MRI. Some notable technologies that we use are:

1.5 High-Field Open MRI

Bardmoor Outpatient Center boast the world’s most powerful 1.5 high field open MRI, combining image quality that’s every bit as good as a 1.5 conventional MRI with the open MRI technology that gives patients the comfort they deserve. Sixty percent of typical exams can be done with the patient’s head out of the machine, and an extra large opening gives patients more room to breathe and relax. This revolutionary system ensures patients receive the most technologically advanced diagnosis possible.


The most advanced MRI technology is the new 3T magnetic resonance imaging MRI system available at Morton Plant Hospital and Mease Dunedin Hospital. Officially called the MAGNETOM Trio™ from Siemens Medical Solutions, the 3T MRI eliminates the need for patient repositioning during a MRI, provides even greater enhanced image quality, and opens new doors to applications, including abdominal, cardiac, spine, orthopaedic and whole-body scanning.