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Cardiac MR Viability Imaging Exam

Cardiac Viability MRI Examination is considered the gold standard for evaluating cardiac viability after infarction. It is a reliable tool for assessing myocardial infarction and predicting the patient’s outcome after revascularization.


Clinical Indications for cardiac viability MRI:


  • Determine the location, and extent of myocardial necrosis post acute myocardial infarction
  • Determine viability prior to revascularization
  • Establish likelihood of recovery of function with revascularization (PCI or CABG) or medical therapy
  • Evaluation and quantification of LV function following myocardial infarction OR in heart failure patients
  • Evaluation of cardiac mass or pericardial conditions
  • Evaluation of pulmonary veins prior to radiofrequency ablation (MAZE procedure) for atrial fibrillation


In order to obtain diagnostic images, the patient must able to perform the followings:


  • Able to lay supine for approximately 45 min
  • Hold breath for 10-15 second intervals
  • Stay still and follow breathing instructions
  • No contraindication to MRI or gadolinium injection


Normal Cardiac MRI

Normal Cardiac MRI