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Radiology Associates of Clearwater

You should feel safe about who's handling your radiology needs.
With our group, you can!

Extensive Experience

With our local team of radiologists’ extensive training, knowledge and experience, we consistently and thoroughly provide superior imaging interpretations, with turn-around times in minutes from the time the exam is completed.

State of the Art Technology

We use the most advanced technology available so you can be sure that the highest quality imaging and diagnosis can be made for your treatment.

Comprehensive Services

Whether your needs require general radiology, interventional radiology, oncological diagnostics, or other radiological services, we offer a thorough and broad line of services.

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To serve patients, physicians, and the community by providing high quality, appropriate clinical imaging and interventional procedures.

About Us

General Radiology
The oldest, most common type of imaging, X-rays create an image of the internal body.
Interventional Radiology
Using radiological imaging methods to precisely target and guide therapy.
Breast Imaging
Radiology imaging techniques used as a specialty to diagnose breast related issues.